Oneness is Wholeness

As you lie awake in your bed at night, gazing at the ceiling, even if there is another person or animal lying next to you, it’s so easy to feel separate, even lonely. But loneliness and aloneness are two very different concepts. When you are lonely, you are in a prison of sorts, feeling the pain of your separation. You yearn for another being to help you feel whole, another voice to listen to, another face to gaze upon, another body to feel, another person to soothe your aching feeling o estrangement.

When you are truly alone, you are whole-fully integrated into everything, liberated from your need to cling to another, released from any longing, and finally free to experience the ecstasy of your oneness. In your wholeness you have infinite choices at your fingertips that are not driven by some need to feel completed by another. In a state of true aloneness, joy is reawakened and you feel totally at home in your own skin. When you are in a state of divine aloneness, you can choose to either isolate yourself or connect with another, to surrender to your own magnificence or commune with someone else’s.

Self Forgiveness

Forgiveness can set you free! You can forgive yourself and you can forgive others.

We tend to be the worst judges of ourselves. Many people beat themselves up for their smallest mistakes. Many tend to be much harder on themselves than they are on others. But this can be painful. This is why forgiveness is one of the most powerful things we can ever do. It can feel like releasing ourselves from the binds of invisible ropes that have tied us to the past, restricting our happiness and fulfillment.

There’s a story that exemplifies this. There were two monks who were forbidden to have any contact with women. One day they approached a river that they had to cross. There was a woman standing by the side who also needed to cross, but she was scared of getting into the water in case the current carried her away. So one of the monks lifted the woman onto his back and waded across the water, set her down, smiled, and continued on his path on the other side. The other followed. But as the monks walked, the monk who didn’t touch the woman grew more and more irritated. A few hours passed and he was now fuming with anger. After a few more hours, he could no longer contain his anger. In an angry outburst, he scolded his friend for having broken his vow and making contact with the woman. Softly, his friend replied, ‘I carried the woman across the river hours ago. Why are you still carrying her?’

Many people carry hurts from the past – memories of regrets regarding their failures and behavior, and also pain concerning the misdemeanors of others. When we are carrying these hurts the goal can be to forgive – both ourselves and others. Another facet of forgiveness is that, sometimes, what we find difficult to accept or forgive in others is actually our internal judgement of ourselves. A person who has a problem with a selfish person, for instance, might be harbouring internal judgements regarding their own selfishness in the past or even in the present.

So in the path towards wholeness we also need to forgive our judgements. Many of us easily say we forgive but what we are forgiving is the information or the memory of what happened, but we still have a judgement of the event. In the path towards personal mastery we need to forgive our judgement of the event. Paradoxically, in the forgiving ourselves of the judgement we dissolve the judgement. We also need to let go of anger. Anger blocks our ability to forgive, distorting how we see things. As the saying goes, ‘Anger is like a burning coal, it only burns the hand that holds it’.

People come into our lives and we have a choice to see all relationships and interactions as an opportunity to grow. If, as a creator, you have accepted responsibility for your life, then each reactive emotion from this moment on can be embraced as an opportunity to learn another lesson, to show us where we have not yet mastered ourselves, leading us into corners of the psyche that we have not yet explored, but where lie great treasures. So a choice to forgive can be a declaration of personal freedom. It is not about excusing the behavior of others or letting people off the hook. It is about freeing yourself and moving forward. It is a choice. The gift is to you!

Being your higher self

As we grow spiritually we connect more to our higher self. This connection will bring you a healthy body, loving friends, a supportive environment and an opportunity to make a difference in the world. 

Spiritual growth is the single most important thing you can focus on if you want a joyful, peaceful, loving life. As we grow we will be able to see the bigger picture of our life. As you link with your higher will you will gain more awareness of the path of humanity's evolution and your part in it. You will discover your life's work and gain the tools to carry it out. Your life's work will make a meaningful contribution to people, or the earth itself. It will be something you love to do. You can do what you love all the time and work will be your play. 

You will lift the veils of illusion and see the eyes through your higher self. You will link your throat with your higher self and express truth and love in all you say. 

What many of you are looking for in another you will fiond first in your connection to your higher self. This connection will enable you to love and nuture yourself more and to connect with others in higher, more loving ways. 

Enlightment is being very skilled at holding and radiating light. Being enlightened means that you have tools and resources to handle all the eneergies about you in such a way that you add clarity , harmony and light to evrything around you. 


Right now is a gift...this is why they call the present

There is no place more powerful than the present.

This very moment are when you are most powerful. But most of us choose to think about the past or what we need to do next.

Getting back to the present moment is by drawing light into yourself. Light is on of the most powerful forces in the Universe. You might think of light as a living presence that can be anywhere or every where at once. It responds to your thoughts. Light is present in all known universes yet not exactly the same form as yours.

Light is a potent form of transformation, creating waves of light creates changes. Light can increase your vibration, amplify the strength of positive thoughts and open your heart. You can link with it, harness its power, and create good all around you. 

Imagine there is a beautiful golden light above your head and moving to your fingers and toes. The same golden light is moving over and through every cell. It is moving through your vital organs  and through the air you breathe. It is replenishing your lungs and the flow of your blood. The light you are imagining if life itself and essentially it is made of love. On a subtle level it is moving through all of us but because we are so busy with what is going on in our lives we forget about this beautiful connection to the universe. 

When you choose to remember this light and breathe with ease, knowing you are a part of it, you recognize the gift of life. And when you recognize the gift of life you raise your vibration so high you ignite other people. When you welcome miracles and gifts into your life, you don't deprive others of them. by recognizing the beauty of the universe , accepting its support and feeling grateful for it, you are demonstrating to others how they can be supported too. Raising your vibration is not only a gift for yourself but a gift your offer others simply through your smile. 

" I choose to breathe with ease, knowing that life is present with me now.

 Knowing that I am connected to the presence of life makes me feel safe and alive.

I offer the presence of the present others through my smile today.

I smile that knowing that life is smiling upon and through me.

 My presence is a gift'


This world is blessed to have you

You are an essential part of this world and its important you know it. Its important you own it.You have a divine right to be here and the universe is grateful you are. 

You don't need an excuse for your presence. You don't have to take on a heap of responsibility to justify your existence either. 

The fact you are here today is the gift to the world.

Believe it!

"I have a right to be on the earth.

I choose to let go of the need to excuse my presence.

My presence alone is my purpose: everything else is a bonus.

It feels good to know I am a part of a bigger picture. 

I accept that it is my divine right to be alive and I am so grateful for this gift."

Everything in the Universe is Energy


Everything in the Universe is, energy, including you. For that reason you don't walk your path alone. You are connected to everyone ad everything that is, was or ever will be. You are connected to the essence of life because its moving through every aspect of you. 

The moment you are born you are given free will. As a child you may not fully understand this but you can decide when you want food or support. your free will really starts to unfold as you develop. You can decide where and when and who you want to be with with, you are in control. 

The same goes for support. The universe has given us the chance to decide how we want to walk this path, although it would love to help us, it cannot unless we ask. Many people live their lives feeling unsupported and alone, not realizing a shift in perception can change this. 

We often see Independence as a strength. Being able to do your own thing and not ask for help seems to be a positive. The downside many people feel it is weak to ask for help.

In order to raise your vibration and moved beyond the limited thoughts that can make you feel isolated, you have to surrender to the idea of being independent and move into the space of co-creating with the creator (your vision of this is your own).

Today, realize that you are walking this path with your creator, with the Universe, with the energy you are co-creating. When you realize you don not have to do everything on your own, a huge weight is lifted from your shoulders. Essentially you are allowing the weight of your own world to be held by a power that is greater than you are. 

Today I choose to walk with the Universe, knowing its supporting every step.

Unexpected Emotional Trauma

When an unexpected shock occurs which holds a lot of emotional energy and we feel like we are totally alone dealing with it but can't find a strategy to resolve the situation a chain of unconscious reactions determines our response to it. The body makes specific choices to which organ will be affected. This is determined by the content of the shock and the basic biology. A gut issue would be related to something that can't be digested; and an issue to do with the muscles would be because we don't feel strong enough. So only the organ that is connected to the specific type of shocking event will be affected.

Our heart receives the message first before our brain and relays the message magnetically and energetically. The heart also imprints the blood with important information to share with every organ. The gut assesses and measures the shock emotionally.

 When you have a thought every cell in your body is aware of it.  After a shocking and stressful event the body stays inn the sympathetic state until a solution is found to the issue. The body then goes into the parasympathetic state and hence we end up with a sleepless night.




I have seen clients have miracles but I can't take credit... no healer would. Harry Edwards a great healer in the 1950's outlined several theories on healing. Edwards presented that there are law governed forces that control the universe and that these apply to healing. There are no true miracles only the application of these God- provided laws. Edward's theory suggests that anyone can invoke higher principles of the universe, established and maintained by the Divine Source to enable healing.

I can help someone heal his or her problems, but if she or he does not want to? I cannot force a change. But neither can someone afflicted another's energy "heal" that energy. Offering the healing to the soul of the person from the Divine.

The spiral between our spiritual self and our material self, this is the unveiling of our being. There is more to us than meets the eye. We are holistic- beings who are whole and who live in wholeness.

Happiness involves manifesting this reality inside of ourselves, but also in the physical world.

The Divine source

The Divine source and our essence, or Divine Source self, are composed of pure love energy. Everything in the divine source seeks pure self-expression. When we are being and acting from our total selves we are self-full filled and happy. 

The norm is what we perceive it to be.

If we change our standards, the norm changes as well.

Our current state of existence is always the state we consider normal. Illness, money limitations, career or relationship dissatisfaction, and other uncomfortable states come from standards and
really reflect that which we find normal. The job of our physical energy system is to maintain our standards. The job of our spirituality based energy system is to help create the reality of our optimum or essential standards. If we allow our essence to establish our physical, mental, emotional, or mental standards our energy system will change its idea of normal. We will then heal and manifest our heart's desires.

Letting go requires a full acceptance of our current state

 A willingness to love ourselves and a willingness to be loved completely.

We can only let go of something we fully accept. For reasons known and unknown to us, we often resist the healing or manifesting our hearts desires. We must accept the wisdom of our hidden
 knowledge; we need to accept the resistance. Only from a place of self love can we allow change and thus risk loving ourselves more. Because we are turning our resistance over to the Divine source, we must also be willing to allow the Divine Source to help us or love us. Letting go symbolizes the state of perfect love.


To Change , we must be willing to let go.

To let go is to surrender. To achieve our's hearts desires,  we must let go of everything that is not a heart's desire or anything that does not align with the Divine Source. we must be willing to release everything that is not of,  from of for our essence. We must surrender to the Divine source anything that is not of us.


Are we willing to change?

True healing and true manifesting depends upon being willing to change. This concept sound simple and it is. Our resistance however can sometimes make its application difficult. If we require healing we are living in a state of need, at some level we are resisting
manifesting of our desires. 

We don't believe we really deserve the things we want.

We aren't finished learning from the current experience. 

We want something different than we think we do, or just plain scared to take a chance.

Perhaps we don't want to get hurt or be let down.

Change is a frightening concept to most of us. Even when our minds seem comfortable with the idea, sometimes our feelings and bodies resist. When we fight our resistance
our resistance fights back. What we we must do is be willing to change.

We can become willing to become willing to change.  When we stop fighting our resistance, we open the revolving doors to different opportunities for healing or manifesting.


Principles of the Human Energy System

The human energy system is designed for two activities- healing
and manifesting.

What is the heart's desire?

What do I need to heal in order to manifest what I want? 
What do I need to manifest in order to heal? What is in my way?

On a physical plane, healing occurs when we channel, change, 
or rearrange matter. Healing allows us to fully manifest ourselves.
Manifesting involves channeling, changing or rearranging spiritual
energy. When we are involved in a healing process, we are either
trying to repair damage in order to return to a more complex state, 
or we are opening to changes in order to achieve a desired new state. 
To accomplish healing we must first learn how to manifest; to manifest, 
we must be willing to heal whatever is in the way of having what
we want. Both processes assist us in knowing and actualizing our
true selves.