Unexpected Emotional Trauma

When an unexpected shock occurs which holds a lot of emotional energy and we feel like we are totally alone dealing with it but can't find a strategy to resolve the situation a chain of unconscious reactions determines our response to it. The body makes specific choices to which organ will be affected. This is determined by the content of the shock and the basic biology. A gut issue would be related to something that can't be digested; and an issue to do with the muscles would be because we don't feel strong enough. So only the organ that is connected to the specific type of shocking event will be affected.

Our heart receives the message first before our brain and relays the message magnetically and energetically. The heart also imprints the blood with important information to share with every organ. The gut assesses and measures the shock emotionally.

 When you have a thought every cell in your body is aware of it.  After a shocking and stressful event the body stays inn the sympathetic state until a solution is found to the issue. The body then goes into the parasympathetic state and hence we end up with a sleepless night.