Balancing the energy of the body helps create healing. Let me take you on a journey...


We endeavor to enhance the world we live in by changing the way we live in it .

We strive for an integrative approach to health and wellness by allowing clients to be active participants in their growth and development. The model focuses on the body as a whole and its innate capacity to heal. Our goal is to design specific programs of learning and practice that can bring balance back into your lives.

We believe that disruptions in one's energy balance in the body leads to disease. We work with the energy of the body to provide comfort and shift our negative beliefs into positive outcomes.

We work with pain management, movement, emotional issues, weight loss, breathing, meditation, addictions, trauma, anxiety, self esteem, depression ....  many factors that affect our daily living and movement in this world.

We offer hands on therapeutic based modalites that can create time for the body to heal.... to energize.... to clarify..... to relax....

Specializing In:                                                                                                                          

self esteem issues
pain management
mind/body awareness
relaxation/ meditation training
creating balance in your life
emotional healing and support from past trauma
disordered eating/ emotional eating
changing negative patterns
creating wellness practices and classes to help strengthen the energetic you!

We will invest the time to help you attain your goals and live a healthier happier life.

We are interested in enhancing more evidence based research on effective and practical use of alternative medicine to promote health and well being. We believe that Scientific evidence informs decision making.

We will be looking for participants in upcoming research projects.

New to CHI is a Holistic Health Assessment utilizing the non-invasive NES Mi Health Biofield  Whole Body Scan to give you a detailed assessment of your holistic profile