I have seen clients have miracles but I can't take credit... no healer would. Harry Edwards a great healer in the 1950's outlined several theories on healing. Edwards presented that there are law governed forces that control the universe and that these apply to healing. There are no true miracles only the application of these God- provided laws. Edward's theory suggests that anyone can invoke higher principles of the universe, established and maintained by the Divine Source to enable healing.

I can help someone heal his or her problems, but if she or he does not want to? I cannot force a change. But neither can someone afflicted another's energy "heal" that energy. Offering the healing to the soul of the person from the Divine.

The spiral between our spiritual self and our material self, this is the unveiling of our being. There is more to us than meets the eye. We are holistic- beings who are whole and who live in wholeness.

Happiness involves manifesting this reality inside of ourselves, but also in the physical world.