CHI is the fundamental stuff of all manifest universe,
 the basic building block of all matter, the immaterial
energy that constitutes all material form. The essential
nature of even the most elemental atoms and molecules
 is nothing more or less than an array of various energies
 organized in particular patterns. CHI is the basic energy
 the comprises all matter and animates all living things
and the fundamental force that drives all activates and
transforms in nature and the universe from galactic to
the microscope, from birth , growth decay and death
of stars to the formation and dissolution of atoms,
 molecules and cells in the human body.

CHI is the basic life force of all levels of human existence- body,  energy and mind.

It constitutes the definitive factor in facets and phases of human life, from the molecular level of metabolism and cellular division to the larger organic functions of digestion and excretion, respiration and circulation, all the way up to the highest faculties of feeling and thought,  awareness and perception.

CHI is the invisible master template behind all visible forms and vital functions of the human system, and therefore it is the primary factor responsible for human health and disease, the main gauge of vitality and longevity, the bridge that links the body and the mind. The common denominator in all the complex equations ,of physical , emotional and spiritual life. 

CHI all constitutes the dynamic polar field in which all energy moves and from which all power springs. Every type of energy functions within its own specific force field, from the lowest vibrations of matter to the highest frequencies of spirit, from the heaviest to the lightest, from the polluted to the most purest. Therefore the purity and potency of one’s own personal chi determines the type of universal energy with which one’s system resonates and this in turn governs the nature of one’s relationship with the higher forces and spiritual realms of the universe. 

Polarity is the basic premise of all manifest existence, the ground of all creation, the basis of all movement and change, and the filed in which energy matter engage in their ceaseless play of rotation and dissolution, interaction and transmutation. 

Yin refers to the negative and the dark, the passive and the female, moon, water, the soft yielding the internal aspects in any field,  formation or system of energy. 

Yang, denotes the positive the light, the active the male, the sun,  fire, the hard and aggressive, the external and upper aspects and parts. Yin and Yang are two complementary poles in any given form, function of field of energy.  In breathing inhalation is Yin. And exhalation is Yang. In the body the upper and outer back parts are Yang, while the lower, inner and front are Yin. Blood belongs to Yin and energy belongs to Yang. The head is Yang and the sacrum is Yin. The hollow fu organs are Yang, while the solid zang organs are yin. Thoughts are Yang and feelings are Yin.
The prenatal aspects the potential we bring into our lives at birth, while the postnatal aspect is the temporal form it takes during the course of corporal life. Thus prenatal essence is stored in the sexual glands of the male and female and is passed on from generation to generation.

Postnatal essence is produced from our food, water and air and it takes form in the blood, hormones,  lymph and other vital fluids of the body. The immortal soul and original spark of consciousness which is not born and does not die. Postnatal spirit is the human mind of temporal reality on earth, including sensory perception, thought and feeling, personality and ego. 

Fire is the archetypal symbol of Yang while water represents Yin.  Fire the temporal form of energy produced by metabolism and respiration. 

Water is the primordial energy stored in the glands. Fire flares up with thought and discursive thoughts, conflicting emotions and physical actives of daily life. Water energy from the glands flows down and out, dissipating itself through sexual activity and stress. The purpose of internal alchemy is to reverse the course of Fire and Water to retard the aging process and prolong life. This is done by keeping the fire energy of out the head, heart and solar plexus, refining and recirculating it instead
through the major channels and storing it in the lower elixir filed below the navel. At the same time the Water energy ordinarily dissipated through sex and stress is conserved and raised upward through the spinal channels into the head, where it is use to nourish facilities of spirit.

 Movement is the manifest of Yang energy and stillness reflects the calm cooling quietude of Yin. The hectic activity of daily life causes Fire to flare up and dissipates one’s reserves of essence and energy, while the stillness of mediation calms the system, cools the fire and conserves vital resources. Thus the practice of stillness constitutes a primary method of preserving health and prolonging life in Chi- Qong practice. Stillness not only indicates physical stillness but also quietens the mind. 

Imbalance of the Yin and the Yang polarity of various energy systems within the body is the root cause of all disease and therefore the best way to cure and prevent disease and halt degeneration is to restore and maintain a natural healthy balance in all facets and phases of the human energy system.