Are we willing to change?

True healing and true manifesting depends upon being willing to change. This concept sound simple and it is. Our resistance however can sometimes make its application difficult. If we require healing we are living in a state of need, at some level we are resisting
manifesting of our desires. 

We don't believe we really deserve the things we want.

We aren't finished learning from the current experience. 

We want something different than we think we do, or just plain scared to take a chance.

Perhaps we don't want to get hurt or be let down.

Change is a frightening concept to most of us. Even when our minds seem comfortable with the idea, sometimes our feelings and bodies resist. When we fight our resistance
our resistance fights back. What we we must do is be willing to change.

We can become willing to become willing to change.  When we stop fighting our resistance, we open the revolving doors to different opportunities for healing or manifesting.