Come join us and help your pet to ease pain, anxiety, obsessive behaviors.
We offer a variety of Holistic therapies for your loved ones. Using the Biopulsar technology we can connect to your animal's energy field and get and inside view of their organ vitality, Aura and Chakra system.

Your pets do have energy centers or chakra's!
Animals have a higher frequency than us which is why we feel better when they are around. They are pure love, one of the highest frequencies located in our Heart Chakra. They have emotions and if you could hear them talk you would appreciate them more for their intelligence and humor.

They want nothing more than unconditional love.

Our pets have the ability to provide healing for us and in return they may absorb too much of the unwanted or negative energy we are holding. Animals quickly have the ability to disperse this excess lower energy frequencies by animal behaviors such as shaking, jumping, running fast.

Much like their owners they can have energy trapped in their bodies which later manifests into disease and trapped by their emotions.
Yes, emotions pets have them. They get happy, sad, depressed, excited, confused, hurt. 
We see them suffer losses just like humans after the death of a family member. 
They want to share in our lives and help us become better people.

Let us help you help your pet.

Reiki, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Color Light Therapy and Massage

Sessions are $55-$125 each.
Mi-Health whole body Bio-Energtic scan for your pet available now!