Principles of the Human Energy System

The human energy system is designed for two activities- healing
and manifesting.

What is the heart's desire?

What do I need to heal in order to manifest what I want? 
What do I need to manifest in order to heal? What is in my way?

On a physical plane, healing occurs when we channel, change, 
or rearrange matter. Healing allows us to fully manifest ourselves.
Manifesting involves channeling, changing or rearranging spiritual
energy. When we are involved in a healing process, we are either
trying to repair damage in order to return to a more complex state, 
or we are opening to changes in order to achieve a desired new state. 
To accomplish healing we must first learn how to manifest; to manifest, 
we must be willing to heal whatever is in the way of having what
we want. Both processes assist us in knowing and actualizing our
true selves.