Our world is built on different levels of energy: consciousness, mind, subtle body energy. Indeed, physics shows that our “physical” self is really a sea of energy, highly structured and intelligently organized. Even the information transfer between cells is mainly in the form of light: biophotonism. We know that modern medicine has stuck with the chemical model of the body for several hundred years. But laboratory tests, microscopic and physical examination is only one part of the puzzle of health. The intricate and intelligent system of subtle energies that underlies our physical really is what is truly responsible for our ability to heal and to coordinate the matrix of material cells and tissues. Bioenergy is the name given to these formative forces that are behind all biological life.

The Human Energy Field

The idea of a universal energy pervading all nature has been held by the mystics, religious practices and more recently by Western scientists. The Indian spiritual tradition, call it prana; the Chinese call this vital energy Chi. Everything in the universe consist of vibrational energy. Matter and energy are two different manifestations of the same primary energetic substance of which everything in the universe is composed, including our physical and subtle bodies. The vibratory rate of this universal energy determines its density of its expression as matter.  Matter which vibrates at a very slow frequency is referred to as physical matter. That which vibrates at speeds which exceed light velocity is known as subtle matter.

The human biofield is commonly referred to as the energetic matrix that surrounds and creates the human form. It directly links the cellular activity with the meridian pathways to create the physical form and all other vibratory aspects of the being. This energetic field is like a superhighway that allows the DNA in our cells to communicate faster than light and maintain a coherent, holistic, intelligence, in the organism. This biofield is not just particular to humans, since all living things posses it. The biofield is commonly referred to as the aura, but this is not strictly accurate as the biofield is comprised of multiple frequencies and information.

Every one of us is an energy being. In fact, we are all beings of light existing across multiple dimensions. We all consume different frequencies of light in multiple ways to create who we are. Your Biofield is a complex living structure and the energy of that structure is sometimes referred to as Quantum Energy. Indeed, we are very complex beings existing as a combination of up to 22 vibratory states, interconnected with up to 14 strands of DNA, all of which are based on light energy.

Subtle Bodies

There is a subtle dynamic energy system which facilitates life. Within this system are energy bodies that are called the Subtle Bodies or the Seven Bodies of Man. They are called “subtle” as they exist outside of our normal range of vision except one. The energy of the Subtle Bodies facilitates all human functions, and without these bodies, we could not subsist. In their entirety, the subtle bodies are the vehicles which enable our consciousness.

They are connected to the body by energy channels known as meridians, the nadis, the chakras, all of which are able to convert or transfer the fast moving frequencies of the into slower and mechanical fields and forces. The heart for example serves as an electrical center for the body. Its electrical activity shapes the formation of the bio fields that surround the body because it emits thousands of times more electricity and magnetism than does other organs.  

Each part of the electromagnet spectrum manifests at radiation that vibrates at a specific rate and is therefore called electromagnetic radiation. our bodies require a specific amount of each part of this spectrum for optimal emotional, mental and physical health.

The electromagnetic spectrum and sound fields that surround the body includes light waves and mechanical; waves.

Electromagnetic radiation is streams of photons, wave particles that are the basis of light. They are massless particles that tr ravel at the speed of light . They contain bundles of energy and therfore information. This flow of photons creates the human body field.

The Physical Body is not a Subtle Body. The Subtle Bodies begin with the Etheric Body which is the closest to the Physical Body in density. The Etheric Body can be seen by those trained in perceiving energy.


The emotional body, The Astral/Emotional Body, The Mental Body, The Spiritual/Soul Body

Each energy body possesses its own vibrational frequency, from the lowest (etheric) to the highest (buddhic/christic).

The Subtle Bodies interpenetrate one another due to the unique vibrational frequency of each which keeps them separate. Each Subtle Body then interpenetrates our Physical Body. They are often depicted as rings of graduated colors around the human body in an oval or egg shape. As a person spiritually advances, these “rings” significantly expand in size.

Each subtle body “governs” the body below it. For example, the Astral/Emotional Body is shaped and directed by the Mental Body, and that body in turn shapes and directs the Etheric Body. Each body has more density and ‘weight’ than the one above it. Thus, the Astral /Emotional Body is less dense than the Etheric Body, and the Mental Body is less dense than the Astral Body, and so forth.

The Functions of the Subtle Bodies

The Etheric Subtle Body: Everything that exists on the physical plane has its own subtle body counterpart. Therefore the first subtle body is the Etheric Body which can be seen by the naked eye. This body is the template for our physical body. One of the primary functions of the Etheric Body is that it holds a series of channels and our chakra centers which play a significant role in our vitality and well-being. This body also produces our aura or primary energy field which surrounds us.

The Astral/Emotional Subtle Body: The next subtle body of importance is the Astral/Emotional Body. This body can be thought of as a field of energy occupying space within the aura. The Astral Body can separate from the Physical Body at will and does so often–especially during sleep. This body also contains our emotional memories and patterns. It is because our Astral/Emotional body is the receptacle for our memories,  this is where we begin to process emotional responses to events in our lives.

 The Causal Subtle Body: This subtle body is considered to be the root of the soul. In essence, it is the first level of your individuality that is relatively immortal. The Causal Body is named such because it is the originating source for each personality that incarnates in each lifetime. When your life ends, the essence of who and what you were is then absorbed back into the Causal Body. The cycle repeats.

The Mental Subtle Body: The Mental Body facilitates the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, and experience. It helps with memory, judgment, evaluation, reasoning, problem-solving, decision making, comprehension and the forming of language. In short, The Mental Body is instrumental in making it possible for humans to discern, hold beliefs,  and arrange thoughts in context. As a side note, it is also believed that the Mental Body facilitates elevated psychic abilities.

The Spiritual/Soul Subtle Body: The Spiritual Body is considered the root of the soul. It is the essence of “the divine spark” and contains all of the other “bodies” within its confines. Many believe that this subtle body contains the last remnant of individuality before merging back into our Source. Ultimately, this powerhouse represents the point of contact between the human microcosm and the Supreme Being, in theological terms; we may call God, the Divine, Father, Mother Goddess, The Creator, or Source.

Bio-Energy Measurements

Diagnosis using bio-energy has existed in various forms since ancient times. Pulse diagnosis is used in both Chinese medicine and the Indian science of Ayurveda to listen in on the body’s subtle energy pathways. In modern times, innovative scientists created various devices since the 1920’s in an attempt to accurately measure bio-energy patterns. Some worked on the principle of “resonance,” also known as radionics.

Others have used acupuncture points to access the body’s information systems. There are now modern versions of these instruments, but they have serious limitations, as they are time-consuming, subject to errors and misinterpretations, and rely on the subjective measurement of the practitioner. More importantly, only electromagnetic energies are measured, which account for only 25% of information-transfer in the body. Radionic-type instruments rely on the psychic skills of the practitioner, or only generate random numbers, in hopes the “Higher Mind” will somehow come up with the correct data.

The NES Difference

Body Analysis

A breakthrough in bio-energy medicine, an instrument now exists that is capable of measuring the entire spectrum of the body’s energy field: the quantum matrix that directs and supports all physical and biochemical activity. After 25 years of research and experiments, Peter Fraser was able to create a software/hardware device which could actually measure the distortions and weaknesses within the human bio-energy field. Even more remarkable, he created a range of infoceutical medicines which can re-install the body’s original “template of health,” recreating the normal structure and function of our organism. The effects are unique in the field of healing therapies.

The Missing Link

The great missing link in both natural or mainstream treatment is an understanding of the body’s healing priority. The sequence in which the body can heal is both crucial and non-negotiable. Priority is based on the layers of toxins within us, our age, genetic structure, past health and many other factors. Whatever caused our current problems, the body, in its wisdom, has the knowledge of what it wants to heal and in what order. The Nutri-Energetics System (NES) is the only known therapy that can accurately show the body’s healing priority, the sequence in which the body needs to heal, layer by layer. For the first time we actually have a roadmap or guidance system as to where and how the body can heal at any point in time!

Bio-Energetic Scan

How the NES miHealth works

After taking a scan of the whole body field you can see which areas in the body lie distortions and blockages. The Mi-Health helps to retrain your body's own healing system by communicating specifically with the parts of the body with which it is in contact. The device does this primarily by sending ultra-weak electrical signals, to the spot it is in contact with, and then “listening” to the body’s response from those signals. Bioelectric biofeedback therapy is known to help reduce stress and re-educate parts of the body and mind to healthier patterns which can lead to a better quality of life.
The goal is to get your body’s energy flow back to operating with maximum efficiency. Because the body can easily get trained into “patterns” where the energy becomes sluggish or stuck, rejuvenating the body’s energy flow is critical — as it both release's stuck patterns which clear the way for the body's own healing system to take over. 

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