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Sound Therapy





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Sound therapy is a vibrational therapy that is incorporated into many energy medicine

The use of sound and music for healing is an ancient practice and found in many spiritual
 and sacred traditions. 

All things in nature vibrate with sound, light and color. All  are composed of energy at
moving at various frequencies. Energies that vibrate on the same frequency are in
resonance with with eachother and easily absorbs the other's energy. We react in
resonance with the vibrations and fluctuations to our surroundings, impacting our
physiological existence. Entrainment is the process of which powerful rhythmic
vibrations of one object are projected upon a second object with similar frequency,
thereby causing that object to vibrate in resonance with the first object. Sonic
entrainment can affect us emotionally, which can influence us at a cellular level. 

We carry every trauma, every negative idea or emotion that we choose to embrace in our
bodies. This creates a disharmony within us. Sound can transform negative, repressed
emotions through the process of entrainment,  into a physiological state of calm, that has
direct and immediate effects on our physiology. Research in this area has lead to the
understanding that cell receptors receive energy from sound waves thereby influencing
the receptors and neuropeptides of the cell.