Your mind, body & soul.

All acts of healing are self healing. What does your body need in order to heal?

Here at the CHInstitute we will teach you ways to find the healer within by connecting the Mind, Body, Spirit.

 Visualization, meditation and relaxation techniques will direct yourself inward allowing you to listen to your inner voice. The voice of knowing, your bodies inner wisdom.

Every cell in your body and all the energy that it creates , records memories of who you are and how you are moving through this world from the time in womb and  all through life. Body work therapies are implemented to release the holding patterns of body memory and allow your body to move freely in this world. A world with no pain, positive beliefs and healthy outcomes.

Body work therapies include cupping therapy, stone therapy, acupressure, reflexology, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Touch therapy and Sound therapy.


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