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Reiki Level III Dec 15 & 16 , 2018

This a 16 hour (2 full days), Reiki training class is the first part of the Master Level, you are attuned to the Reiki Master Symbol.
It is suitable for Reiki level II practitioners desiring to further the Reiki attunement cycle, thus continuing on the Reiki path, and ones wanting to progress towards becoming Reiki Teachers. It is open to students who have taken the second degree Reiki class and have a consistent practice of self-treatments.

During the Reiki level III class:
We review the symbols introduced at level II and reinforce our understanding of the concept and use.
You practice drawing and feeling the frequency of the master symbol and explore its concept and use.
You explore Energy Healing concepts and methods. Increase intuition and introduction to healing guides.

At the end of the class, each student receives a Reiki manual that includes all Reiki Level III information.

Post class requirements:

1)    Provide documented proof of completion of 15 ‘hands on’ or distance Reiki sessions done on adults or shorter sessions done on kids or animals.

2)    Self reiki for 21 days with proof of completion by entry into dairy daily upon progress.

3)    Choose one recipient to receive distance Reiki for 30 days and record progress.

4)    Student is expected to complete a short essay comparing and contrasting another energy modality to Reiki (500 words).


In Reiki Level III our connection to Universal energy is deepened conceptually and energetically. The focus is on spiritual development. Students are totally engaged on their healing journey and their Reiki practice brings the experiential awareness of their spiritual nature.

We are all one.

 The Master level would be attained after further study and development after Reiki Level III and takes the practitioner on to teach to others.

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