Everything in the Universe is Energy


Everything in the Universe is, energy, including you. For that reason you don't walk your path alone. You are connected to everyone ad everything that is, was or ever will be. You are connected to the essence of life because its moving through every aspect of you. 

The moment you are born you are given free will. As a child you may not fully understand this but you can decide when you want food or support. your free will really starts to unfold as you develop. You can decide where and when and who you want to be with with, you are in control. 

The same goes for support. The universe has given us the chance to decide how we want to walk this path, although it would love to help us, it cannot unless we ask. Many people live their lives feeling unsupported and alone, not realizing a shift in perception can change this. 

We often see Independence as a strength. Being able to do your own thing and not ask for help seems to be a positive. The downside many people feel it is weak to ask for help.

In order to raise your vibration and moved beyond the limited thoughts that can make you feel isolated, you have to surrender to the idea of being independent and move into the space of co-creating with the creator (your vision of this is your own).

Today, realize that you are walking this path with your creator, with the Universe, with the energy you are co-creating. When you realize you don not have to do everything on your own, a huge weight is lifted from your shoulders. Essentially you are allowing the weight of your own world to be held by a power that is greater than you are. 

Today I choose to walk with the Universe, knowing its supporting every step.