Right now is a gift...this is why they call the present

There is no place more powerful than the present.

This very moment are when you are most powerful. But most of us choose to think about the past or what we need to do next.

Getting back to the present moment is by drawing light into yourself. Light is on of the most powerful forces in the Universe. You might think of light as a living presence that can be anywhere or every where at once. It responds to your thoughts. Light is present in all known universes yet not exactly the same form as yours.

Light is a potent form of transformation, creating waves of light creates changes. Light can increase your vibration, amplify the strength of positive thoughts and open your heart. You can link with it, harness its power, and create good all around you. 

Imagine there is a beautiful golden light above your head and moving to your fingers and toes. The same golden light is moving over and through every cell. It is moving through your vital organs  and through the air you breathe. It is replenishing your lungs and the flow of your blood. The light you are imagining if life itself and essentially it is made of love. On a subtle level it is moving through all of us but because we are so busy with what is going on in our lives we forget about this beautiful connection to the universe. 

When you choose to remember this light and breathe with ease, knowing you are a part of it, you recognize the gift of life. And when you recognize the gift of life you raise your vibration so high you ignite other people. When you welcome miracles and gifts into your life, you don't deprive others of them. by recognizing the beauty of the universe , accepting its support and feeling grateful for it, you are demonstrating to others how they can be supported too. Raising your vibration is not only a gift for yourself but a gift your offer others simply through your smile. 

" I choose to breathe with ease, knowing that life is present with me now.

 Knowing that I am connected to the presence of life makes me feel safe and alive.

I offer the presence of the present others through my smile today.

I smile that knowing that life is smiling upon and through me.

 My presence is a gift'